Project Highlight: Jackson County High School

Jackson County HS 3

HOSCHTON, GA – Lighting Associates was proud to partner with Carroll Daniel Construction, Southern A&E, and Cain Electric on the new Jackson County High School. 

Lighting upgrades included products from Lumenwerx, Lumenpulse, ALW, and Fluxwerx. Below, the project images denote specific products featured in each space. 

As shown in the end result of this beautiful project, the LAi team is here to support your vision through a wide range of product offerings and quality services

To learn more about the Jackson County High School project or how our team can partner with you, please contact us here.

Jackson County HS 2

Products featured above:
Lumenwerx: Via 4
Lumenpulse: Lumencore Track M2 Spot

Jackson County HS 6

Products featured above:
Fluxwerx: Aperture Squares

Jackson County HS 4

Products featured above:
ALW: Moonring MR1.5/TT
Lumenwerx: Via 4

Jackson County HS 7

Products featured above:
Fluxwerx: Aperture Squares

Jackson County HS 1

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