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Featured Products

Portal from Fluxwerx Illumination  

Portal reimagines directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family and has been designed for maximum versatility.

With multiple diameters, forms, and connection options to integrate into architecture. Minimal and quiet, or singular and bold – Portal is perfectly suited to many applications!


Introducing Healthwerx from Lumenwerx

We are incredibly thrilled to introduce you to Healthwerx, Lumenwerx’s complete portfolio of 16 luminaires dedicated to healthcare lighting. 

Healthwerx products were designed with a holistic approach that focuses on patient and staff well-being. Healthwerx brings together multi-functionalities, needs, design aesthetics, and price points to give our clients, end users, and business partners complete solutions for healthcare lighting.


Touchless Lighting Controls from Lutron

Lutron has a variety of easily installed and flexible wireless solutions readily available that allow you to rapidly reconfigure existing spaces.

• Wireless sensors automate lighting control
• Automate your scheduling
• Program from a distance
• Use Pico personal remote controls



Lighting Solutions

Our sales agency has become an outstanding resource for all lighting needs. One conversation with any one of our highly trained, dedicated team of sales representatives and you will know why. Serving and selling in today’s green environment is what we are all about.

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Ask River

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