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Lighting Associates is committed to staying updated with the latest technology on the market.

We are excited to offer Intelligent Pole Base and Autel, your one-stop EV charging solution provider. Smart charging solutions have never been more accessible.

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Intelligent Pole Base

The Intelligent Pole Base (IPB) creates a weatherproof housing that offers flexibility, power, and add-on options, while maintaining structural strength and integrity.

Single or multiple EV Chargers can be installed at each IPB, making parking lots destination areas for Electric Vehicles. Integrating digital displays are perfect for retail advertising, special events and more.

IPB also allows for electrical outlets, battery storage, and security features.

IPB Autel Charger 560x550


Ranked number one internationally for battery analysis systems, digital repair solutions, and automotive diagnostics, Autel is your one-stop EV charging solution provider.

Autel optimized the usability of their products through easy-to-use APP’s and cloud-based backends, that allow you to seamlessly navigate, control and manage your assets.

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