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G Lighting Cubix II

The Cubix II is a sleek, outer acrylic illuminated pendant, which comes in standard sizes of 24″ to 72″, with multiple mounting styles. Field adjustable lengths, standard LED 0-10v dimming as well. G Lighting offers an RGB option in addition to 30k, 35k, or 40k color temperatures. Satin white outer lens is standard, but fabric covered lens options are available upon request.


Lumenpulse Point Source Projectors

Keeping with the Lumenpulse design philosophy of offering superior control capabilities, Lumenpulse has also launched new dynamic lighting capabilities across its point source product portfolio, creating scenarios that coincide with the rhythmic changes of the natural environment.

The range of smooth, tunable white solutions include Dim to Warm (2700K-2200K), Dim to Warm Plus (3500K-1800K), Dynamic Warm (2200K-3000K), Dynamic Warm White Plus (2200K-3500K) and Dynamic White (2700K-6500K), allowing the control technology to be specified for a wider range of indoor applications, including retail, hospitality, commercial spaces and more.


Fluxwerx Loop Suspended

With cutting-edge Radial Anidolic optics and the latest LED technology, Loop delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to combine quality illumination with contemporary architecture.

Precisely controlled axially symmetric batwing distribution optics for wide row spacing and exceptional ceiling and workplane uniformity with no view of the the LED light sources
Performance distributions of 65 Up / 35 Dn, 55 Up / 45 Dn, 20 Up / 80 Dn and 100 Dn with efficacies up to 136 lm/W
Exceptional uniformity of 2:1 at the desk and 4:1 on the ceiling with up to 16 ft o.c. spacing, able to deliver 40 fc at less than 0.35 W/sq ft
Low operating temperatures, quality parts and construction
Strategic LED selection, binning and board design
Available in 3000K, 3500K or 4000K with SDCM < 2 and CRI > 80
Third party tested and backed by a 5-year warranty


Lighting Solutions

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Lumenpulse Acquires Fluxwerx Illumination

Lumenpulse, a leading manufacturer of high performance, specification-grade LED lighting solutions, announced today that it has acquired Fluxwerx Illumination, Inc. Fluxwerx is a manufacturer of innovative high performance, LED luminaires for the general lighting of...

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Lighting Services Inc Launches New Website

Lighting Services Inc (LSI) announced the launch of their new website, www.LightingServicesInc.com .  Several key features include an engaging user experience with new search capabilities and product representation, an attractively streamlined design with...

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