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Lighting Associates is excited to introduce our newest line –  FEELUX!

“Feelux is known for developing unique and innovative products for the lighting industry worldwide. Their products can be seen in installations ranging from healthcare and higher learning to the office environment and hospitality to retail.”


Feelux Lighting is built on a foundation of pure commitment to the fine, time-tested concepts of Korean manufacturing. Taking its cues from companies such as Hyundai and Samsung, Feelux researches, designs, engineers and manufactures products in an environment that’s focused on each and every detail. During the past two decades, they’ve made their goal clear: to introduce fixtures and technologies that lead the lighting industry. Their overall vision is to inspire the minds of the worldwide lighting community as they take the process of illumination to the next, unanticipated level.

Quality and Conisistency

Feelux refers to themselves as a trend setter in the lighting world. As they continue to expand globally, they claim to maintain standards and certifications required throughout the world. 

For more information, please visit Feelux Lighting, Inc or reach out to Lighting Associates for more help with your design!