Griven USA has released their new Jasper light, and here’s what makes this product special.

What can Griven USA’s new Jasper light offer you?

The Jasper is available in RGBW, tuneable whites, numerous white-colored temperatures, and all of the monochrome colors. Griven USA also offers six square optics and a couple of ellipticals that provide a lot of design versatility.

With the RGBW at four degrees, you can get nearly 8,300 lumens out of this head, and over 900,000 center-beam candlepower.

You’ll get an unparalleled performance at an amazing price.


With the Jasper, Griven USA is introducing a new white chip to their lineup that offers up to 100 lumens per watt efficacy, nearly 20,000 lumens per head, and 713,000 center-beam candlepower.

These features mean you’ll get an unparalleled performance at an amazing price in an 18-inch diameter round form factor package.

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